What is Neom?: The Saudi Arabian megaproject’s new video answers your questions

What is Neom?: The Saudi Arabian megaproject’s new video answers your questions



The fun, fast-paced video is shot in multiple locations and languages.

Saudi Arabia’s megaprojects never fail to impress. Neom looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie, as the futuristic project will change the way you think about cities. As developments get underway, it has released a new video answering one question: “What is Neom?”

If you’re finding it hard to envision Neom with its flying taxis, fake moon, glow-in-the-dark beaches and ski slopes – we’re not judging – then you’re not alone. Thanks to the new promotional video, it may be a little easier to imagine.

The fun, fast-paced video sees people from around the world asking: “What is Neom?” The video is shot in multiple locations and languages, as we see people discuss the megaproject in a gallery in Paris, gondola in Venice and even outer space. The video begins with people learning how to pronounce the name, which is a combination of the Greek word for new and the Arabic word for future.

As excitement builds ahead of Neom’s opening, the video depicts everyone, from an astronaut to taxi driver, in awe at its state-of-the-art features. A group of girls in traffic say, “yes, it’s nuts, a city with no cars”. A group of men skiing adds, “wait, a ski slope in the desert”. Plus, an office worker concludes, “it’s like a blueprint for civilisation”. 

Neom will be the size of Belgium and sits north of the Red Sea coastline. The exciting developments also include Oxagan, Sindalah’s beaches and seas, The Line and Trojena’s mountainous slopes. 

Oxagon aims to be the world’s largest floating industrial complex. Sindalah island will be a luxurious retreat and include 413 hotels, 51 shops and 38 restaurants. The Line aims to be a 170km-long residential complex with zero cars, zero streets, zero carbon emissions and the world’s longest skyscraper, Mirror Line. 

Neom, we’re excited. 

GO: Visit www.neom.com for more information.