The Sneaker Laundry opens a new store in Riyadh

The Sneaker Laundry opens a new store in Riyadh



Here’s how to keep your sneakers looking so fresh and so clean.

Do you know your Air Jordans from adidas Yeezy? Well, you’ll be thrilled to hear that The Sneaker Laundry has opened a new store in Riyadh’s Al Faisaliyah Centre. The shop prides itself on taking care of trainers, so don’t be embarrassed about the state of your kicks, as they’ve seen it all before.

We know how the city, dust and desert can make your shoes feel dirty. So, if you want to keep your sneakers looking as good as new, head down to The Sneaker Laundry in Riyadh. The brand’s latest store offers its signature cleaning services.

The Sneaker Laundry in Riyadh

The cleaning service includes a Basic Clean (with the upper and midsole), Full Exterior clean (which adds the outsole and laces), and The Lot (which adds a deep clean, deodorise, disinfecting and waterproofing). 

If you want to take care of your sneakers at home, stock up on products including a cleaning kit, sneaker protector stain remover or waterless foam cleanser. One of the best-selling items is the Complete Care Pack, which costs SAR 254. The pack includes cleaning solutions as well as protection, a hog hair brush, microfibre towel and sole brush. Oh, and even a collapsible cleaning bowl. 

When a shoe box won’t do, put your sneakers in the spotlight – we’re not judging. The light up boxes are all the rage on TikTok, and display your sneakers like works of art. The Powered LED Drop Front Shoe Box starts from SAR 615. 

The Sneaker Laundry was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. Eugene Chang swapped his law career to follow his business dreams, and the brand now has outlets across the world.

Go on, you know the before and after will be worth it. 

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