SIRO brings a fitness and recovery hotel to Saudi Arabia

SIRO brings a fitness and recovery hotel to Saudi Arabia



SIRO Olaya Riyadh will be opening doors in the capital in 2028.

After making waves with its Dubai debut earlier, SIRO Hotels is heading to Riyadh. With its innovative fitness-stay concept, SIRO Olaya Riyadh is set to redefine the hospitality landscape in the Kingdom very soon.

Boasting 200 guestrooms and cutting-edge fitness and recovery facilities similar to SIRO One Za'abeel in Dubai, SIRO Olaya Riyadh will elevate the capital's hospitality offerings once it opens its doors in 2028. With Saudi Arabia's commitment to wellness, the announcement of SIRO Hotels launching in Riyadh aligns perfectly with the Kingdom's vision.

Built on five core biohacking pillars —nutrition, fitness, sleep, recovery, and mindfulness — SIRO Hotels puts wellness first. Offering solutions tailored to boost mental and physical health, guests can expect a transformative stay that's personalised to their needs.

SIRO Olaya Riyadh

The announcement comes after the Dubai outpost's successful launch earlier this year. Philippe Zuber, CEO of Kerzner International — which backs SIRO — expressed his excitement about the brand's expansion. "We started welcoming our first guests to SIRO One Za'abeel in Dubai," he said. "The response has been phenomenal and provides a fantastic foundation to grow the pipeline of new SIRO properties around the world."

Located within the Olaya district in the Saudi capital, SIRO Olaya Riyadh promises to be a haven for wellness enthusiasts. Just a 30-minute drive from King Khalid International Airport, this property will also be in close proximity to the Diplomatic Quarter, government offices, business centres, and upscale retail outlets — proving to be not just a fitness hub but a great destination for business and leisure travellers alike.

Apart from Riyadh, SIRO is also expanding to Mexico with SIRO Palmilla and another one in the Balkan state of Montenegro called SIRO Boka Place. As SIRO prepares to sway into Riyadh, it paves the way for a wellness-centric hospitality scene in the capital — running in parallel to Neom's upcoming properties.

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