Mexican restaurant El Camino is now open in KAFD 

Mexican restaurant El Camino is now open in KAFD 



Making its way from Mexico, it serves burritos, tacos and quesadillas.

It’s time to say hola to Riyadh’s new restaurant. El Camino serves marvellous Mexican food, and has opened its doors in KAFFD. The venue is packed with personality, and brings South American food as well as fun to Saudi Arabia.

El Camino in Riyadh is a vibrant spot, which celebrates Mexican culture. The décor boasts cool cacti, colourful sombreros, fringed lamps and shelves lined with vases. 

The food menu spans starters, seafood, burritos, tacos, quesadillas and desserts. The dishes include Chili Poppers, Guacamole Dona Lupe, Nachos, Shrimp Kupuri, Quesabirrias, Queso Chelito and White Fish Ceviche. Plus, the specials include El Camino Sliders, Filete Chemita and Rice Pasilla. 

The restaurant's drinks menu includes the brand’s own take on classic mocktails, from the Margarita Riyadh to Mojito Clasico. Plus, there is the Frida Kahlo with cherries and strawberries, Mexican Coffee with coffee and spices, and Rosita with citrus and raspberry. 

Chef Lizet explained: “Mexican cuisine is a universe of flavours, colours, textures and stories to tell. Mexican food is burritos, tacos, quesadillas but it is also an endless road of plates and recipes. It is a cultural legacy that impregnates the streets, homes and markets of Mexico, and it conquers the hearts and stomachs of those who get to know it.

“We’ve come from Mexico to open El Camino, an infinite journey of flavours and experiences to be discovered. Come and discover the Mexican cuisine. Come and meet us. Come open El Camino with us. We’re waiting for you.”

El Camino in Riyadh is open from 7pm to 11pm. 

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