FACT First Look: Raoul’s in Via Riyadh

FACT First Look: Raoul’s in Via Riyadh



We have had an exclusive look inside the New York bistro serving Parisian cuisine.

Raoul’s is bringing the charm of Paris via New York to Riyadh. The new restaurant is located in the luxury destination, Via Riyadh, and is scheduled to open on 12 May. We were granted an exclusive first look (and taste), and can confirm that it is worth the wait. 

The original New York bistro has been serving Parisian cuisine since 1975 to locals and celebrities in bustling SOHO. What started out as a family business, has now expanded overseas. Raoul’s in Via Riyadh has captured that nostalgia, and bought it to beautiful life. The traditional touches range from white tablecloths to red velvet curtains.

Raoul’s in Via Riyadh

Take your pick from booths or tables, indoors or outdoors, and upstairs and downstairs, which is accessed by a sleek spiral staircase, no less. Check out the corner with curved banquettes, which are great for groups. Plus, the wide windows offer Via Riyadh views. 

The bar is at the heart of the ground floor, serving alcohol-free wines and mocktails. The drinks range from a Kir Raoul’s to the ever-popular Manhattan. End the night with an Espresso Martini (made without cream), and watch the mixologists shake their stuff. 

We also spotted some playful touches in Raoul’s in Via Riyadh. Look out for the fish tank by the entrance, and the feature wall with multiple lamps. Plus, we were impressed with the bathroom and its Art Deco nods – gold-rimmed mirrors, door handles and taps, anyone?

Raoul’s in Via Riyadh

The menu is divided up by petit plats a partager, entrées, plats principaux, sides and desserts. The signature dishes include the Raoul’s Burger and Steak Au Poivre. The entrées range from Escargots a la Bordelaise to Steak Tartare. The plats principaux range from Lamb Navarin to Lobster Thermidor. Plus, the dessert includes a Crème Brulee, Profiteroles and Sticky Date Pudding. 

Karim Raoul, owner of Raoul’s, explained to us when we visited: “There’s a tinge of New York. There’s a cool factor. Everybody has their own identity, but we are not a French restaurant per se, we were always a New York restaurant. The Steak Au Poivre is still the signature in New York and Riyadh. I hope it will be the most universally accepted dish.”

Raoul’s in Via Riyadh

Via Riyadh boasts celebrity chefs, state-of-the-art cinemas, world-famous fashion brands, and a five-star hotel. Translated: that’s 23 shops, 17 restaurants, seven cinemas and one hotel. So, if you’re overwhelmed with the choice and after a FACT-approved restaurant, make it Raoul’s. 

Raoul’s, we’re charmed. 

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