Fine dining restaurant Ewan by Bateel is coming to Riyadh

Fine dining restaurant Ewan by Bateel is coming to Riyadh



The refined Mediterranean experience will be located in the Diplomatic Quarter.

Riyadh is home to world-class restaurants, from big brands to celebrity chefs. Now, Bateel International is opening the fine dining restaurant, Ewan by Bateel. Located in the Diplomatic Quarter eastern gate, here’s what we know about the concept.  

Ewan by Bateel will create a refined Mediterranean experience, and bring together a creative, passionate team. The restaurant will be designed by the San Francisco architecture company Gensler, and developed by Unified Real Estate Development Company.

If Bateel International’s previous projects are anything to go by, we are expecting Ewan by Bateel to be a hospitality hit. The brand is best known for Café Bateel, which can be found across the region. The sophisticated spot fuses together Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences.

Bateel International's portfolio includes luxury cafés, boutique shops and gifts. In 1991, the first Bateel Boutique opened in Riyadh. The brand prides itself on its Arabian hospitality and is best known for its gourmet dates. The innovative creations include date vinegar, date dhibs and sparking date juice. Plus, the products come in high-end presentation boxes, which range from gold packages to silver trays.

If you’re a foodie fan, we have more exciting news: FACT Dining Awards Riyadh 2023 is coming soon. The event celebrates Saudi Arabia’s food scene, from old to new restaurants. Check out the 37 awards, 19 categories and almost 200 nominees. So, support your favourite spot and vote.

Ewan by Bateel currently does not have an opening date. Check in with FACT for the latest details.

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