Cool down this summer at the newly opened Salt Fridge Riyadh 

Cool down this summer at the newly opened Salt Fridge Riyadh 



Dig into the much-loved burgers, ice cream and frozen yoghurt. 

As Riyadh’s temperature goes above 40 degrees Celsius, we have some cool news – literally. Salt Fridge Riyadh has launched in Hittin, creating a chilled indoor and outdoor environment. So, if you want to try the brand’s much-love menu, which ranges from burgers to ice cream, here’s what you need to know. 

Spanning two floors, Salt Fridge Riyadh is easy to spot. The décor includes bright blue tables, chairs and terraces. The venue also includes a drive-through and car wash service. So, you can sip on some shakes while your cat gets cleaned. 

Salt Fridge Riyadh

We’re hoping Salt Fridge Riyadh serves the brand’s signature dishes such as Chicken Cheetos, Original Burger and Truffle Slider. There are a range of dreamy desserts, from ice creams to frozen yoghurts. Plus, a new retab laban ice cream flavour, which combines dates with frozen yoghurt.

Salt Fridge Riyadh

The fun Instagram advert for the concept explains: “We’ve always heard about date season, but we haven’t head of Thulooj Season. I have good news, it’s here. That’s right, it’s here. I present to you the revolution, Salt’s Fridge.”

Salt was launched by two female entrepreneurs: Saudi Arabian Deem Al Bassam, and Emirati Amal Al Marri. The brand started as a food truck, and visitors would use the hashtag #findSALT to see where it popped up next. The truck would be found in locations ranging from Dubai’s Kite Beach to Abu Dhabi Dhabi’s Mushrif Central Park. Today, Salt can be found across Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. 

Salt Fridge Riyadh is open 24 hours a day. 

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