An update on the new Gymkhana in Via Riyadh

An update on the new Gymkhana in Via Riyadh



We had a sneak peek inside the restaurant – and we’re excited.

We love Gymkhana in London, so we were excited to hear that the Indian restaurant was opening in Riyadh. Located in Via Riyadh, it is currently under construction, but we got the opportunity to find out more about the venue.  

Gymkhana opened in London in 2013. The concept draws its inspiration from Indian gymkhana clubs, which were popular during colonial times. The menu is filled with flavours from North India, and offers a contemporary twist on classic dishes. 

In 2014, Gymkhana was awarded a MICHELIN Star. In 2021, it came to Riyadh Season as a pop-up. Now, it is finally getting a permanent home in Riyadh.

Gymkhana in Via Riyadh

Gymkhana in Via Riyadh’s design will be based on the flagship London restaurant. The space will be spread across one rather than two floors, accommodating approximately one hundred people. 

Group Engineering and Maintenance Director, Christopher Barr, explained: “On the walls, there will be paintings and black and white images, which are based around what we have in London. We will have the same dark wood area as we have in London. We will have the same marble, orange and green as we have in London.” 

Gymkhana’s bathrooms are also on theme. Just like the flagship restaurant, there will be old-school toilets with a chain, plus a cast iron cistern branded with Gymkhana London. Plus, there is green marble in the men’s toilet, and orange marble in the ladies’ toilets. 

If Gymkhana’s London menu is anything to go by, we’re expecting it to serve biriyanis, curries, kebabs, sabzis and tikkas. Plus, game and chop dishes.

Gymkhana in Via Riyadh

Over the years, Gymkhana has remained popular with celebrities, as A-listers including David Beckham, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have been spotted at the London restaurant. So, we’re expecting the Via Riyadh restaurant to be just as happening. 

The opening date for Gymkhana in Riyadh has not yet been confirmed. 

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