Manganiyar in Riyadh celebrates Rajasthani folk music 

Manganiyar in Riyadh celebrates Rajasthani folk music 



The concert includes traditional songs passed down from generations.

If you’re after a special night out, look no further than Manganiyar in Riyadh. The traditional Indian folk group is making its way to Saudi Arabia, and performing at the Cultural Palace in Al Sefarat District. Taking place from 13 to 17 June, this offers you a rare chance to see the orchestra in the kingdom.

Manganiyar in Riyadh brings together 40 singers and musicians. The simple yet stunning set includes 36 window-like, jewel box-esque structures, which open up to reveal each artist. The red boxes are framed by light bulbs, and feature performers ranging from drummers to violinists.

Manganiyar in Riyadh celebrates the rich heritage of Rajasthan in India. The Manganiyars are a community found in the desert of Rajasthan. Famous for their folk music, the group pass down their songs from one generation to the next. The songs cover subjects ranging from Alexandra to local Maharajas. The name means “those who ask for alms”, and they have survived due to the patronage of wealthy merchants. 

Riyadh is filled with exciting concerts bringing together local and international artists. Upcoming events include the music festivals Glitch and Ritual. Glitch is a house meets techno festival, which takes place in Al Amaaria Village on 8 June from 6pm to 4am. Ritual is an Afro house festival, which takes place at Al Ammaria Village on 9 June from 7pm to 3.30am. 

Manganiyar starts from 7.30pm to 9pm. Tickets start from SAR 151 for standard seats, SAR 252 for gold seats, and SAR 403.21 for VIP seats. 

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