ilmi in Riyadh: Inside the new science and technology centre

ilmi in Riyadh: Inside the new science and technology centre



Here comes the science bit…

It’s time to unleash your inner Einstein. ilmi, a new science centre, is coming to Riyadh. The centre will cover STREAM – science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and mathematics. Scheduled to open in 2025, here’s what we know about ilmi in Riyadh.

ilmi in Riyadh has been created by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s wife, Princess Sara bint Mashhoor bin Abdulaziz. The initiative is supported by Mohammed bin Salman Foundation Misk, and is located in the non-profit city Mohammed bin Salman City. 


ilmi in Riyadh aims to inspire and empower young people in the Kingdom and fittingly translates to knowledge in Arabic. Spanning 27,000 square meters, the centre will include three permanent exhibitions: Our World, Ourselves and Our Inventions. Plus, it will cover artificial intelligence, ecosystems and space, and host events, talks and performances. 

Princess Sara explained: “ilmi will be a beacon of creativity, learning, and accessibility. It will offer all of Saudi Arabia’s young and lifelong learners the ability to realise their full potential, further drive advances in the Kingdom, and help shape the future. Together, I hope that we will all create ilmi, and inspire and support our next generation.”

ilmi in Riyadh will also boast a digital platform, which goes live in July. So, if you can’t make it to the centre, you can use the resources online. So far, we know that the digital activations will feature an online gamified design and competitions. Plus, in the future there will be pop-up experiences across the Kingdom.

Get your geek on. 

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