Six Senses Amaala is set to redefine luxury in the Kingdom

Six Senses Amaala is set to redefine luxury in the Kingdom



The Red Sea region is about to get an upgrade.

Prepare for the Red Sea to level up its luxury game. The highly anticipated Six Senses Residence and Hotel Amaala is making its grand entrance in the picturesque Triple Bay area of Amaala. We're talking a mind-blowing combination of branded residential villas, hotel villas and a hotel that will make your jaw hit the floor - all sprawled across 41,000 square metres of pure luxury indulgence.

In perfect harmony with the majestic surroundings, this remarkable destination integrates beachfront residences, a hillside village, and villas that grace the private mangrove bay, presenting a diverse range of accommodations tailored to every guest's desires.

Six Senses Amaala

Architects U+A and Studio Carter, responsible for the breathtaking design, draw inspiration from the traditional coastal villages of the region, they have artfully crafted 64 rooms, six suites, 30 villas, and 25 branded residences.

At the heart of this extraordinary sanctuary stands the majestic Mesa, a striking testament to the power of nature. Adorned with spectacular overhangs and caves, this geological marvel unveils the mysteries of the past, bearing witness to the ancient history of this land through its fossilised corals and mollusks, etched by eons of wind and water erosion.

To the north, the village opens up to the expansive and picturesque beaches of Hijaz Cove, where guests can dine at the beach restaurant or enjoy leisurely moments by the family pool. On the southern side, the village leads visitors around the point, revealing natural rock pools, secluded beaches, and a serene mangrove boardwalk, guiding them to the spa nestled within a private cove.

Six Senses Amaala

The spa facilities at Six Senses Amaala are designed to elevate the art of well-being and provide a sanctuary for restoration and reconnection. This tranquil oasis offers an array of immersive experiences, including a cryotherapy chamber, longevity clinic, and dedicated thermal areas for both male and female guests. These thermal areas boast luxurious Finnish and infrared saunas, herbal steam rooms, salt rooms, invigorating vitality pools, and refreshing ice baths, all meticulously crafted to enhance wellness and relaxation.

Delving deeper into the realm of holistic rejuvenation, the Watsu pool beckons guests to immerse themselves in the therapeutic embrace of water, while the sound dome serves as a respite for the senses, indulging visitors in a symphony of soothing sounds. A dedicated yoga platform invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and mindful movement, fostering balance and harmony within.

For the unversed, Amaala is an ambitious giga-project in Saudi Arabia that's set to redefine luxury and sustainability in the most incredible way imaginable. By mid-2024, it'll unveil six luxurious hotels with 1,000 keys, and by 2027, this destination will house 3,000 hotel rooms across 25 hotels. And hold onto your shopping bags, because there'll be 200 high-end retail establishments, multiple fine dining options, wellness facilities, recreational amenities, a massive yacht club, and even a cutting-edge marine research centre. And did we mention they're going all out with renewable energy sources, aiming for a zero-carbon footprint and sustainably sourcing food by 2030?

Six Sense

In other news from Six Senses, the first destination to open in The Red is the fabulous Six Senses Southern Dunes - currently scheduled to open in December 2023. 

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