Is Kanye West recording his new album in AlUla?

Is Kanye West recording his new album in AlUla?



The American rapper has been spotted around the Middle East.

American rapper Kanye West has been popping up across the Middle East. First, he was in Riyadh, then he was in Dubai and now he is in AlUla. Not only is he getting around the region, but he is rumoured to be recording his new album in Saudi Arabia’s desert. 

The Instagram account @hidden.ny shared an image of Kanye in the desert. The caption read: “Kanye West recording at a resort in the ancient Oasis City Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. He is rumoured to be working on an upcoming project.” 

Kanye AlUla

The artist known as Ye isn’t the first artist to visit AlUla – Alicia Keys, John Legend and Lionel Ritchie have played in the Maraya concert hall – but he might be the first rapper to make an album in AlUla. Judging by the Instagram image, it looks like the rapper is recording the project at Banyan Tree AlUla.

When Kanye was in Riyadh for Riyadh’s Season’s Battle of the Baddest boxing match, he met with musicians who confirmed that another album was in the works. American music executive, James Prince, shared that he had listened to the new album. Plus, Outlawz performer turned entrepreneur, Mutah Beale, shared a snap of the rapper.

Kanye has previously been working on a new album in Florence, Italy. He has collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign, and a preview of a new song dropped at an event in Geneva, Switzerland. Since his controversial comments in October 2022, the rapper has been struggling to find a major distributor for his new album. 

Ye seems to be a fan of the Middle East. While he was in Dubai, he was spotted with his daughter North. Plus, he met with the fashion brand The Giving Movement and the founder, Dominic Nowell-Barnes, which caused people to wonder if a collaboration is on the cards. 

Will Kanye stay here for ever ever, ever ever? Check in with FACT for the latest details.

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