Neom’s Nimbus: Innovative hot air balloon hotel takes off

Neom’s Nimbus: Innovative hot air balloon hotel takes off



Inside Saudi Arabia’s $350 million sustainable hotel development.

Now you can wake up on cloud nine when you check into Saudi Arabia’s latest five-star hotel. Located in Neom, Nimbus is the kingdom’s latest ambitious development. The $350 million sustainable hot air balloon hotel allows guests to fly above the gigaproject, and promises to be one of the most exclusive experiences in the region.

Neom’s Nimbus is a one-of-a-kind experience, costing $7,900 per night. The hot air balloon includes a luxury hotel room within a carbon fibre pod. So, there’s a bedroom, dressing area, lounge and WC. Plus, space for a pilot and butler. 

The Nimbus experience is not just about the hot air balloon, but about making the most of Neom’s glorious surroundings. The hospitality project has released a sample five-day stay itinerary, which includes excursions from desert safaris to coral reef snorkelling. Guests can fly to Haddah Beach, lunch in Nimbus the Red Sea, tour Gayal Beach, visit Midian Tombs, enjoy a moonlit desert dinner, picnic in canyons, and soar over the Hisma Desert. 

The idea for Neom’s Nimbus came about through The Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, which launched a competition for a sustainable hospitality project. The competition attracted submissions from more than 40 universities from around the world. The submissions were presented to Neom chiefs, and the winning pitch was conceived by students from Cornell University. 

During the presentation, the group explained: “Neom is all about remote, luxurious, sustainable experiences. Nimbus allows you to soar across Neom within a luxury hotel room. Imagine, the beautiful sensation of just moving. In a private hot air balloon, you can admire the beautiful desert landscape below”. The Cornell University students will have the opportunity to visit Neom, and turn the dream into a reality.

Neom is part of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince’s Saudi Vision 2030. Neom aims to redefine urban living. Plans for The Line in Neom were recently announced, which includes a 170km-long residential complex with zero cars, zero roads and zero carbon emissions. When completed, the area will be home to million residents across 34 square kilometres and now an innovative new hotel. 

The sky’s the limit for Nimbus.

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