'Tomb Raider' director Simon West to shoot new movie in Neom

'Tomb Raider' director Simon West to shoot new movie in Neom



Antara will be filmed at Neom's Bajdah Studios

Saudi Arabia has been attracting film talent from all across the world. And now, yet another major production is heading to the Kingdom's Neom. British director Simon West, known for action-packed blockbusters like Con Air and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, is making his way to Saudi Arabia to bring the legendary tale of Antara to life.

Antara follows the journey through the life of Antara ibn Shaddad. This once-enslaved warrior rose to mythical status in the sixth century by winning his freedom and becoming a beloved knight and renowned Bedouin poet.

The announcement of Antara was made during the Venice Film Festival, where Saudi Arabia's film industry presence shone brightly. This epic will be co-produced by Irish entrepreneur, writer, and producer Alexander Amartei and British producer Stuart Sutherland, the mastermind behind productions like Killing Eve and Born a King.

The film will be shot in Neom's Bajdah Studios and will tap into this futuristic city's 40 per cent cash rebate for productions. With state-of-the-art soundstages, accommodation facilities, and access to local talent and crews, Antara will be massive.

Production for Antara is slated to kick off in early 2024 and will span 12 weeks. While the cast remains a well-guarded secret, you can be sure that some exciting names will grace the screen. 

Apart from Antara, Neom has been a hotspot for other exciting projects such as Rupert Wyatt's $150 million Desert Warrior, starring Anthony Mackie and Ben Kingsley, and Bollywood blockbuster Dunki, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and starring Shah Rukh Khan. Inspired by the events of the war in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2008, Riverman is another Hollywood film currently being shot in Neom.

So grab your popcorn and prepare to be transported to a world of epic proportions. Antara is set to bring Arabian legends to life in Neom, promising an adventure that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

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