Lebanese restaurant Niyyali in Jeddah opens

Lebanese restaurant Niyyali in Jeddah opens



Dig into seafood, salads and soups at this sophisticated spot.

If the sound of falafel, fatteh and fattoush gets your stomach rumbling, then you'll be thrilled to hear about the new Lebanese restaurant in Saudi Arabia. Niyyali in Jeddah has opened, and takes comfort food favourites and transforms them for an upmarket dining experience.

Niyyali in Jeddah is located in Burj Assila on Corniche Road. Niyyali means "how lucky I am" in Lebanese, and the concept draws its inspiration from Lebanon's rich food heritage. The sophisticated spot boasts high ceilings with shimming chandeliers, and tables located by pretty foliage and an open kitchen. Plus, the indoor and outdoor seating overlooks the Red Sea and Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which is home to the Formula One track.

Niyyali in Jeddah

Executive Chef Ali Al Hajj is behind the bites, and he has taken traditional Lebanese dishes and given them a modern twist. He has more than 15 years of experience in the food industry, and has worked at restaurants across Lebanon. He explains: "Lebanese cuisine is like its people – full of soul and passion. Enjoy a celebration of the Lebanese spirit when you dine with us at Niyyali."

Plus, Niyyali's General Manager Gilbert Kfoury has bought together a predominantly Lebanese team, in order to create an authentic dining experience. He explains: "At Niyyali, we combine warm Lebanese hospitality with the creative cuisine of Chef Ali. We can't wait to welcome you."

Niyyali in Jeddah

Niyyali in Jeddah's food menu includes signature dishes, soups, salads, hot and cold mezze, fatteh and grilled dishes. The speciality dishes span Eggplant Shrimps Moutabal, Hummus Truffle, Seafood Salad, Smoked Lamb Shank and Wagyu Ras Asfour Bel Karaz. The soups range from lentil to frikeh with chicken, and the salads range from fattoush to tabbouleh. 

Niyyali in Jeddah is open on weekdays from 4pm to 1am, and weekends from 1pm to 1am. Dig in.

GO: Visit www.niyyali.com for more information.