4 things to expect from K-pop boyband Ateez in Saudi Arabia 

4 things to expect from K-pop boyband Ateez in Saudi Arabia 



The eight-piece group are bringing their world tour to the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia loves K-pop. Not only has it welcomed big stars, from BTS to BLACKPINK, but it even launched a KCon festival. Now, the South Korean supergroup Ateez are coming to the Kingdom. The Fellowship: Break the Wall Tour takes place on 20 July at Jeddah Superdome. 

Ateez consists of eight members: Hongjoong, Jongh, Mingi, San, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang and Wooyoung. The group entered the music scene in 2018, and are famous for their big ballads and EDM sound. They are no strangers to Saudi Arabia, as they performed at KCon festival twice. So, if you want to catch the K-poppers, here’s what to expect from Ateez in Jeddah.  

Hardcore Atinys fans

Every artist or group with a dedicated following should have a nickname. Lady Gaga’s fans are called Little Monsters, Rihanna’s are called the Navy, and Ateez’s are the Atinys. Note: it is pronounced a-teenies. If you want to join the crew, channel your inner emo. The fans are often seen in gothic outfits, which are inspired by the group. Enthusiasm is essential, eyeliner is optional. 

A staggering set list with 22 songs

If Ateez’s performance at the O2 Arena, London in 2023, is anything to by, fans can expect an epic song list. We’re talking hit after hit performed in full – 22, to be precise. The hard-working group know how to put on a show, and sing and dance their way with a gusto through the songs. 

A guest appearance from Maddox 

Who doesn’t love a guest appearance at a concert? We’ve seen performers support their beaus, from Gwen Stefani popping up at a Blake Shelton concert, and Jay-Z dropping rhymes at a Beyoncé concert. Ateez have previously welcomed their long-time collaborator Maddox onto the stage. Born in Wales, he grew up in Bournemouth. He is a fellow KQ Entertainment star is a solo singer, but he has written and composed songs for Ateez. 

… and an encore with Eternal Sunshine 

The show must go on. And on. So, judging from previous Ateez concerts, we are expecting an encore with Eternal Sunshine. The upbeat song has been used as an encore for The Fellowship: Beginning of the End concerts, and is a tribute to their fans (aka Atiny).

Tickets are on sale on 12 June from 6pm. 

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