The Red Sea International Film Festival is now accepting entries

The Red Sea International Film Festival is now accepting entries



The deadline for submissions is 18 August 2023.

The Red Sea International Film Festival has opened its doors to filmmakers worldwide, announcing the call for submissions for its highly anticipated third edition. Scheduled to take place from 30 November until 9 December, 2023, the festival aims to showcase the best in global cinema and support a vibrant film community. Filmmakers and distributors from Asia, Africa and the Arab world are invited to submit their films from 5 May until 18 August, 2023.

The festival features diverse categories, including the Red Sea: Competition, highlighting challenging works with innovative filmmaking and compelling storytelling. The Red Sea: Shorts Competition focuses on captivating short films under 60 minutes, seeking fresh perspectives and pushing creative boundaries. The New Saudi/New Cinema category is a curated showcase of emerging Saudi Arabian filmmakers and artists.

Other curated categories include the International Spectacular, showcasing globally acclaimed filmmakers and highly anticipated films making their Arab world debut. The Arab Spectacular celebrates Arab creativity in commercial and independent films. The Red Sea: Festival Favourites presents a comprehensive collection of the year's international hits, while Red Sea: VR explores technological advancements in augmented and virtual reality. The Red Sea: Treasures highlights timeless classics that have inspired generations of directors and the Red Sea: Families and Children features captivating tales for young audiences and film-loving families. Red Sea: New Vision showcases films with a fresh cinematic vision, addressing unique topics. Lastly, Red Sea: Series offers a platform to explore top-notch episodic content, screened for the first time in the Kingdom.

Filmmakers whose works are selected for competition will have the chance to compete for the prestigious Yusr Awards. These awards include the Red Sea Golden Yusr Award for Best Film in Competition, which carries a significant cash prize of $100,000. Other accolades to be presented include Best Director, the Red Sea Silver Yusr Jury Prize and the Golden Yusr for Best Short Film.

The previous edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival received high praise for its expansion of the industry and events program. It presented a diverse selection of 143 films from 66 countries, attracting a total of 39,410 filmgoers and 4,345 film professionals, media members and students. 

The call for submissions for the third edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival offers an exciting opportunity for filmmakers worldwide to showcase their talent. By fostering international collaboration and celebrating cinematic achievements, the festival promotes cultural exchange and artistic exploration. As anticipation builds for the upcoming event, filmmakers prepare to submit their works, ensuring an exceptional showcase of the most compelling films of the year.

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