Jayasom Wellness Resort in Amaala unveils a luxury wellness destination

Jayasom Wellness Resort in Amaala unveils a luxury wellness destination



Guests can enjoy state-of-the-art holistic experiences. 

The Red Sea Project is one of the most exciting megaprojects in Saudi Arabia. It has welcomed world-famous hospitality brands, all offering glorious getaways. Now, it can add Jayasom Wellness Resort, Amaala to that ever-expanding list. 

Amaala and The Red Sea announced a partnership with the wellness resort operator, Jayasom. Located on Triple Bay’s horseshoe-shaped land, Jayasom Wellness Resort, Amaala prides itself on creating an integrative multigenerational health offering. In total, the luxury resort will be home to 153 rooms and 24 residences.

Jayasom Wellness Resort

Jayasom Wellness Resort will be a family-friendly destination. The state-of-the-art facilities will cover beauty, holistic health, fitness, nutrition physiotherapy and span a massive 7,000 square meters. The health and wellness treatments will draw inspiration from Western evidence-based practice, holistic remedies and local practices. Plus, the spa includes an adults-only and family-friendly space.

Jayasom Wellness Resort will also boast health-focused experiences, from wellness trails to a yoga pavilion. Plus, guests can enjoy healthy-inspired cuisine at multiple restaurants.

Jayasom Wellness Resort

John Pagano, Group CEO of Red Sea Global, explained: “Jayasom will offer our guests a holistic sanctuary where they will be surrounded by the stunning natural landscape of the Red Sea coastline. We want visitors to truly appreciate the beauty of this unique destination while focusing on their transformative journey through the world-class wellness facilities on offer.”

Karen Campbell, CEO of Jayasom, added: “Health is a key motivator for travellers today and we are honoured to be leading the way on this ambitious project in partnership with RSG. Together, we will set new standards for the global wellness travel industry and help propel it to the next level. Our partnership is built on shared values of sustainability leadership and community responsibility, and we are proud to bring our sector expertise to this project driven by service excellence”

Jayasom Wellness Resort

The new resort is part of Amaala’s first stage of development, and is expected to welcome guests in 2024. Upon competition, Amaala will be home to more than 25 hotels, 3,000 rooms and 900 residential villas, apartments and estate homes. Plus, there will be plenty of fine dining restaurants, high-end shops, and recreational facilities.

Jayasom Wellness Resort, Amaala, we can’t wait to check-in.  

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