French Mediterranean SO. Fleur in Riyadh opens

French Mediterranean SO. Fleur in Riyadh opens



The multifaceted dining space has masterclasses, mocktails and Mediterranean fare.

Saudi Arabia's dining scene is in full bloom. SO. Fleur in Riyadh has opened, and is a chic multifaceted dining space, which is filled with beautiful bouquets. So, whether you want to shop, sip or have supper, it's a sophisticated spot. 

SO. Fleur in Riyadh is located on Prince Turki Al Awwal Street. The venue combines a mini-market feel with a fine dining restaurant. Guests can enjoy French Mediterranean food in the dining room, pastries with teas and coffee, mocktails at the bar and grab high-end food to go. The elegant aesthetic includes white tablecloths, high ceilings, dramatic pillars and sparkling chandeliers and dishes decorated with flowers,

Her Highness Princess Sora bint Saud is behind SO. Fleur in Riyadh. Sora is a member of the House of Saudi family, and is the granddaughter of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. She explains: "I envisioned SO. Fleur as a place you don't want to leave, where you find inspiration as you linger in its beauty. My vision was to create the feeling of a conservatory. The flagship store boasts a floral section filled with creatively built bouquets. An upper mezzanine level housing an open mirror room, perfect for company-hosted classes or rentable event space."

"Finally, the stunning centrepiece of SO. Fleur is the lounge, where guests are treated to French-Mediterranean dining and our signature line of coffee and tea. SO. Fleur is a host to all – the perfect space for cosy meetings to friends enjoying simple moments over a good cup of coffee and tea. In short, it's a space meant to warm the heart."

SO. Fleur in Riyadh is open on weekdays from 7pm to midnight, and on weekends from 7pm to 1am. 

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