Six Senses AlUla to open doors in 2027

Six Senses AlUla to open doors in 2027



This luxurious retreat is where opulence and heritage will collide.

AlUla has been surprising us with new announcements, from performances by Bruno Mars to the AlUla Train. The historical town is fast becoming the place to be in Saudi Arabia. And now, a new hotel property is spreading its wings to AlUla.

Say hello to the world-renowned luxury resort, spa, and hotel operator, Six Senses, as it unveils a remarkable gem in the heart of Saudi Arabia. Scheduled to open its doors to the world in 2027, Six Senses AlUla promises to be a game-changer in the realm of opulent getaways. It's perfectly positioned to offer a unique blend of the past and the future, inviting guests to explore and connect with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Six Senses AlUla will be nestled in a breathtaking natural oasis, akin to an Arabian paradise. Picture lush palm groves swaying gently in the desert breeze, and being embraced by dramatic red-sandstone cliffs — all harmoniously coexisting in a remarkable juxtaposition of nature's wonders. This lush haven will become the canvas upon which the architectural masterpiece that is Six Senses AlUla will be painted. 

Six Senses AlUla will boast 100 guest villas, each a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication. These villas will cocoon visitors in an unparalleled atmosphere of luxury, inviting them to unwind in style. Additionally, there will be 25 residences for those seeking a more permanent connection to this enchanting destination, making it possible for you to call this natural wonderland home.

Six Senses AlUla is poised to become a shining jewel in the desert. And we can't wait to venture there when the property opens in 2027.

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