AlUla launches vanishing artwork to protect heritage sites

AlUla launches vanishing artwork to protect heritage sites



The I Care campaign aims to safeguard the region's history.

In a bid to celebrate, preserve, and promote the rich cultural heritage of AlUla, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has launched the I Care campaign. This groundbreaking initiative aims to deepen public knowledge, raise awareness, and instil a sense of responsibility in safeguarding AlUla's ancient past.

The campaign spotlights RCU's ongoing heritage protection projects, as AlUla transforms into the world's largest living museum. It focuses on safeguarding AlUla's diverse cultural assets, including natural and manmade monuments, aligning with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. 

The I Care campaign has collaborated with international artist David Popa, and unveiled a 'vanishing artwork',' symbolising the urgent need to protect iconic monuments. Popa's sustainable and innovative artwork, constructed using natural elements, emphasises the campaign's ambition to protect and cherish historically significant places. Featuring two protective hands embracing the Tomb of Lihyan, Son of Kuza – Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hegra – this artwork serves as a powerful metaphor for cultural conservation. It's said to erode over time.

Speaking about working on the project, Popa stated, "I Care is not just a campaign, it is a celebration of AlUla's and the Kingdom's legacy and traditions," he shared. "AlUla's heritage is a treasure for the entire world, and I have been enriched by the enlightening conversations I have had with the local storytellers being trained to take on guardianship of this invaluable heritage."

AlUla, with its diverse heritage sites, mountains, wadis, and desert scenery, has become a global destination for culture, history, and archaeological discovery. It's also a famous tourist spot now. And with the I Care campaign, AlUla invites the world to join in celebrating and protecting its vibrant cultural heritage.

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